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Corporate immersion programs in Silicon Valley

Corporate immersion programs in Silicon Valley have a high impact in companies:

  • Creating alignment among top management on the critical strategic, innovation and technological drivers for future success;
  • Tuning up top management with the latest technological trends and business models;
  • Providing a collective energy boost of ambition and motivation;
  • Promoting cohesion in the top team that is both personal and strategic;
  • Helping to promote synergies among different departments and geographies;
  • Providing opportunities for strategic partnerships and open innovation;
  • Identifying start-ups of interest for the competitiveness of the business;
  • Leveraging innovation strategies and projects.

Leadership Business Consulting has experience in implementing corporate immersion programs for large companies. In some cases the participants are multicultural and multi-country, which makes the program even more valuable in bringing together synergies.

All our corporate immersion programs were done more than one time by the client, which is a solid indication of the high impact and satisfaction achieved.




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