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Dare to boost your business by participating in the first edition of GSI - Global Strategic Innovation. If ten years ago terms like Business Angel, Startups, Entrepreneurship, only few people knew what it meant, nowadays are adjusting to new way of live.


In terms of politics South Africa, especially in cape town, shows undeniable support for entrepreneurship and innovation. There is a new era of tech savvy web gurus, and there are two incubators in Joburg and one virtual incubator in Cape Town, which provides co-working spaces.


But for gaining in traction and drawing attention of the world, south Africans should use Silicon Valley network to help boost South Africa. 102 000 South African are in US, the head of Tesla Motors Elon Musk, as well as the co-founder of Pi Corporation Paul Maritz and the co-founder SolarCity Lyndon Rive are originally from South Africa. Using the network, one of the pillars of GSI, will help grow South African companies by providing them the right connections, advice and investment to became global.



So what are you waiting for?

Join our program you can gain funding and mentoring to accelerate your business



Advantages and Goals




Training in Strategic Innovation

Work sessions at Stanford University, Berkeley University and other experts.



Interaction with Champions

Access companies that have innovated successfully such as CISCO, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, Oracle and SalesForce.



Networking with alumni

Network during GSI, access to our contacts, join the GSI Network (+250 alumni).



Commercial Contacts

Know business and entrepreneurship acceleration processes and have commercial meetings with incubators.

A Century ago it would have taken days before the viewer can get the information on our program, whereas now it would take just a click of a button to do so. Innovation! The innovation process is central to not only the survival but the success of any mordern organisation. The world renowned Peter Drucker asserts this point when he defines innovation to be “the act that endows resources with a new capacity to create wealth”. Consistent with Darwinian thought; in an ever-changing world only those individuals and organisations capable of adapting and improving are able to thwart the inevitable death.


The point should not be missed that that key enablers for a consistent platform for innovation are the people, their view of the world as well as their motivation. This is why we at Leadership Business Consulting have developed the Global Strategic Innovation (GSI) Programme which allows executives, entrepreneurs and decision-makers to do a case study on how the world’s most renowned innovative companies and academic authority on innovation. In addition, the programme facilitates sessions on how the academia have systemised theory and application of innovation.


The GSI Programme takes place in Silicon Valley, a nick-name for the southern portion of San Francisco Bay Area, - a home to many of the world’s largest high-tech corporations and thousands of start-up companies. Silicon Valley has become synonymous with the word Innovation. Allow us to accompany you to one of the most informative, memorable and exciting programmes on Innovation where you are guaranteed to have an innovative view of how to implement some of the principles and applications of Innovation in your organisation or business.