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Training in Strategic Innovation

Work sessions at Stanford University, Berkeley University and other experts.



Interaction with Champions

Access companies that have innovated successfully such as CISCO, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, Oracle and SalesForce.



Networking with alumni

Network during GSI, access to our contacts, join the GSI Network (+250 alumni).



Commercial Contacts

Know business and entrepreneurship acceleration processes and have commercial meetings with incubators. 


Silicon Valley Defies the Industry

This year the GSI - IEP has a thematic focus in Industry 4.0 (a term popularized worldwide by Germany’s leadership), or as it is known in the US, the Industrial Internet of Things - IIoT.

In fact, one of the first promoters of the US and Europe reindustrialization through technology was Andy Grove, former chairman of Intel, and one of Silicon Valley’s icons.

Who will dominate this new wave of industrialization? Silicon Valley’s technology giants, German manufacturing leaders, or the Asian’s power of market and production? One thing is certain, much of this future will be determined in Silicon Valley.

Silicon Valley is dedicated to challenging business models, and is currently determined to challenge the industrial, automotive and energy services, among others. New business models are created, tested and powered by: new information and communication technologies (cloud, mobile, social media, big data, internet of things (IoT), etc.).

















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One week of personal transformation


A journey of Leadership, Innovation, Transformation, Network & Growth

Participants are guaranteed to gain insights by interacting with key experts that have immense personal experience to share in the context of high dynamism.