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A Robot made my coffee ... and I loved it!


Robotics seems to be transforming the business operations paradigm in many sectors and San Francisco is a great example of this. Café X on Market Street, for example, offers a unique futuristic experience that makes us think about the challenges our retail customers will face in the future.

In this mechanized coffee shop, the barista is a robot. Works with robotic precision to create recipes designed by top professionals and leaves room for human focus in the product selection process.

Respecting hygiene requirements and offering a different experience to the eyes of the consumer, the intelligent robot picks up the glass, grinds the coffee bean and mixes. We are thus surprised by variations of a single drink. No need to wait in line, you can order through the application and lift the drink in seconds. Simplicity, speed, and quality are easily achieved with top technology. Is this the future of stores?

We will be looking forward to seeing the future developments!

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