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Disruption in the Food System

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FoodTech expresses the cross between food and technology. The goal is clear: to apply technology in order to improve the production, chain, and distribution of food. But how does innovation happen?

Innovation in the food system involves the development of new food products or a combination of food products that already exist, as well as the continuing investigation of food trends and industry management. Take Impossible Foods as an example.

Founded by Pat Brown, Professor of Biochemistry at Stanford, Impossible Foods is committed to recreating the taste of the meat by circumventing the negative health and environmental impacts associated with livestock products.

The Bay Area company aspired to "make meat from plants better than meat from animals" and the truth is that it conceived an Impossible ™ Burger capable of saving the equivalent of 96% less land, 87% less water, and 89% fewer emissions than a beef hamburger for each unit produced. Plant-based food is a fast-growing trend and Burger King itself is already testing the recipe (1).

The social and quality issues inherent in the food industry are certainly due to the development of Foodtech.

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(1) Lucas, Amelia (2019-04-01). "Burger King is testing vegetarian Whopper made with Impossible Burger". CNBC. Accessed 2019-04-17.

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