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Just walk out at the Amazon Go Store

amazon go

The city of San Francisco illustrates the advancement of technology in the commerce sector by offering futuristic experiences. Going into a store, selecting products and leaving is possible and is the experience that Amazon Go offers.

The simplicity of the purchase and the absence of payment queues in the store are achieved through the advanced technology of machine learning, computer vision, and artificial intelligence. How does it work in practice?

The client installs the Amazon Go application, saves the phone and does their shopping. And it's still so simple. The 'Just Walk Out' technology is able to add all the items that the customer automatically collects on their virtual card, collects them and issues the receipt in the application.

The experience of entering a convenience store supported by high technology was so easy and thoughtless, that when I left the store I had the feeling that I was carrying articles illegitimately. Did the app record all the items I got? Seconds later I received my payment receipt, clarifying all the suspicions that "this cannot be that easy," but it is!

The mobile-tech industry enables the technology to be portable and simple mobile phone to be an instrument present in performing a wide variety of common '' tasks ''.

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